Leverage attacks continue

The latest attack on activists who have taken part in the Unite’s leverage campaign came in the shape of Paul Hutcheon of the Herald. This time the target was Drew Smith MSP. Labour’s front bench spokesperson on social justice and Unite member’s crime, was to take part in the silent non intimidatory protest outside the home of a director of Ineos, whose company had threatened to shed thousands of workers at the bat of an eyelid.

A senior party figure (I wonder who that could be), said that a decent trade unionist would not be within a hundred metres of this protest. I wouldn’t like to have this person in charge of any industrial dispute strategy. A doff your cap strategy saying yes sir, thank you sir as you get kicked in the backside on your way out the gate. At this point, Mr Hutcheon begins to struggle.

For the headline in this piece of wonderful journalism begins ‘Leading Labour MSP urged to resign…..’, and who do you think is doing the urging? This shows the desperation of this once great broadsheet. It was none other than the virtuous, moral and righteous Eric Joyce MP. Yes the same guy who indulges in his own one man drunken anti social behaviour crusade. Is this really the best they can do.

On a serious note, Unite’s leverage strategy is well documented, criticised and attacked at all levels of right wing Britain, with calls for an enquiry. Well where is the enquiry into the leverage tactics of big business and multi nationals? How’s this for a whopper of leverage. ‘Accept our terms and conditions or we’ll shut the place down’. – Ineos to Grangemouth workers. Come on Herald you must do better.




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