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National Executive Council Elections

The National Executive Council elections for 2014 are upon us and ballot papers will be sent out between the 26th and 28th of March. The Union is currently going through the nomination phase at the moment which will close on the 18th of February.

For our purposes there will be three vital categories where we will cast our vote. We will vote for the Regional Seats, for the Industrial Sector Seat and for the National Equalities Seat.

There are two seats available for the Scottish Region and the Scottish Rank and File are endorsing Davy Brockett. Most of you will know Davy and will be aware of the tremendous support that he has given us since our inception, during the Besna Campaign. Davy campaigned on demonstrations up and down the country during Besna and beyond, and was blacklisted from the Southern General site. Davy is still very much involved with the Rank and File and continues to give us vital support. Davy is also the United Left candidate along with Dawn McAllister.

 There is one seat available for the Building, Construction and Allied Trades Industrial Sector and far as we are aware, there are two candidates, John Sheridan and Meurig Thomas. The Scottish Rank and File are endorsing John Sheridan. John is also very supportive to the Rank and File and played a pivotal role in bringing together the Rank and File and the union during the Besna dispute. He was involved in the Crossrail dispute and subsequent leverage campaign and continues to be supportive of the Rank and File. John is also the United Left candidate.

There are four seats available in the National Equalities category which should be made up of one Woman, one BEM member, one LGBT member and one Disabled member. The United Left candidates are, Jane Stewart, Mohammed Taj, Jenny Douglas and Sean McGovern.

The count will take place on the 24th and 25th of April.


Wishes for 2014

As we move into another new year (they keep coming faster and faster), it is maybe worthwhile re-examining our priorities for the year ahead. It may however feel like we’re repeating ourselves, but here goes:

  • An end to blacklisting.
  • Proper compensation for blacklisted workers.
  • Blacklisted workers back at work.
  • End to agency working and bogus self employment.
  • An adherence to National Agreements.
  • No deaths or serious injury on sites.
  • Repeal of anti trade union laws.
  • Trade Unions that act in the interest of its members.
  • Dignity at work.

This seems to be the very least that we should expect as we go about our working lives. Yet there are people who vehemently oppose these principles.

Are we asking too much? or are we forever going to be the victims of big business in their pursuit of ever increasing profits? The greed is good brigade will do anything to maintain their way of life.

I’m afraid its going to be another on of those years. Oh well!